Do we call them Nazis or not?

Yes well said


An Oxbridge don, after staggering out of a faculty meeting that had dragged on for hours, was heard to remark that how a predominantly male society could produce so many old women, was totally beyond him. What I think he was referring to was the more than usual amount of bitchiness one finds prevalent in academia, even between theology departments.

In a way it’s understandable because there are always contending ideas which have their own sets of passionate supporters. Academics are somewhat like warring fans of different football teams, except they wear beige cardigans and casual shoes rather than bomber jackets and bovver boots. Where it gets spiteful and nasty, is in personal attacks against the people who hold a certain position by people who prefer another explanation.

It’s not always a bad thing to debate a theory vigorously, as it does tend to lead to the occasional paradigm change in…

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One thought on “Do we call them Nazis or not?

  1. Interesting concept that political party partisans and athletic team fans are very much the same kind of animal. This must be very primal as it has always been that way. Not something that I understand as I tend to take counsel in my own thoughts and not the thoughts and actions of others. Normal people are interesting to study but I gave up on being one 60 years ago. 😎 pg

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