French Polar Chief Slams Turney’s Pseudo-Scientific Cruise

Yes this sort of shit has to stop.


By Paul Homewood





The head of the French Polar Science Institute is furious at the need to rescue what he describes as a “pseudo-scientific expedition”, complaining that it has diverted resources from real science.

From Sky:



The head of France’s polar science institute has voiced fury at the misadventures of a Russian ship trapped in Antarctic ice, deriding what he called a tourists’ trip that had diverted resources from real science.

In an interview with AFP, Yves Frenot, director of the French Polar Institute, said he had no issue at all with rescuing those aboard the stricken vessel.

He said the trip itself was a ‘pseudo-scientific expedition’ that, because it had run into difficulties, had drained resources from the French, Chinese and Australian scientific missions in Antarctica.

‘There’s no reason to place Antarctica off-limits and to keep it just for scientists, but this…

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