Trenberth and Fasullo Try to Keep the Fantasy Alive

Bob this is assume

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

Trenberth and Fasullo published a paper “An Apparent Hiatus in Global Warming?” last week in the new online journal Earth’s Future. Judith Curry briefly introduced the paper in her December 7, 2013 post Week in review (Thanks, Judith.)

From the last sentence of the abstract, Trenberth and Fasullo (2013) argues that:

Global warming has not stopped; it is merely manifested in different ways.


Midway through the paper, Trenberth and Fasullo (2013) begin a paragraph with:

Deniers of climate change often cherry-pick points on time series and seize on the El Niño warm year of 1998 as the start of the hiatus in global mean temperature rise (Figure 6).

But then Trenberth and Fasullo (2013) turn around and cherry pick the end year of the “hiatus” in their Figure 4 (shown below as my Figure 1). In it they attempt to show the similarities in global surface…

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